AUT Food Network

The Auckland University of Technology (AUT) brings together 'food' expertise from across AUT University. From laboratory to consumer, conception to commercialisation and education to research the AUT Food Network specialists are your "one stop shop" when it comes to food science, retailing, branding and design, health and nutrition, hospitality and tourism, and research and innovation at AUT.

Food network 

The AUT Food Network is dedicated to helping create and deliver change in the 'food industry' that will benefit New Zealanders and New Zealand alike. For New Zealanders the AUT Food Network is interested in and concerned with improving the health and wellbeing of people and their communities through all aspects of 'food' including nutrition, food security and education. At a national level the AUT Food Network is compelled and inspired to help cultivate the many economic 'food' opportunities that are unique to New Zealand.

The AUT Food Network's aim is to use the wealth of knowledge, expertise, technology and innovative tools within AUT to promote and enable food-based development through partnerships and engagement with New Zealanders to the benefit of New Zealanders.